13 October 2006

Trust, but verify

13th - Oct - 2006
From The Alaskan Command Center

'Trust, but verify' said President Ronald Reagan. Now more then ever these words are never more true. In today's high-speed broadband world where you can click a button in Japan and receive a document in New York, there is more information available to everyone about everything.

The problem today it seems is that the information quantity overloads the mind, so you look to other people to gather the information, chunk it into easy to swallow chunks, and filter out what you don't want. You call these people the Media, and you trust them, so much so that you tune in everyday to hear what they have to say. You expect them to tell us the truth, to be honest, and to be accurate. Why would they lie? Why would they lead you astray? Why would they mislead you? The media provides you information in return for you to listen to their advertisers. They know you have different choices in what you can watch so they say things in a certain way, or cover the stories they think you will pay attention to the most, all in order to capture ratings and market share. After all ratings and market share are what they base their pricing on. More viewers means more money. They are pimping the news to you.

You have become lazy. You don't look for another view point, you don't take the time to check the media and assure they are accurate, that they are being honest.

The media speaks today about a gay congressman who sent sexually explicit instant messages to children and how he will be in jail for a long time. Is the congressman gay? Is asking for a photo of a 17 year old male sexually explicit? Is the age of sexual consent 18 in the District of Columbia? Has the congressman been charged with a crime? The answer to all of these questions are 'no'. The media tells you what you think you will respond the most to. Its not about telling the story its about hooking you into their program so they can charge a high price for their advertising.

Facts, the only person who can answer if he is gay is Mr. Foley. Asking a young person for a photo could be nothing more then wanting to see how someone is doing and taking an interest in their life. The age of sexual consent is 16 in the District of Columbia. And the last time I checked, you are not guilty of a crime till you are pronounced so in a court of law, and not the court of public opinion So the next time you hear a story, I want to follow the wise words of 'trust, but verify', before you go off tell someone you just heard something that isn't true, isn't honest, and isn't accurate.

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