05 August 2008

To Protect and Serve....whom?

From The Alaskan Command Center:

Often times when I am heard speaking about so-called Law Enforcement Officers(LEO), I get accused of being a 'cop hater'. While I disagree with the severity by which the accusation is tossed, the message of the accusation is true. I do not like LEOs, and with good reason.

While many of the LEOs I have dealt with over the years have been good natured people, their reason for interacting with me has been bad. Almost all of these men and women have figuratively pointed a gun at me and demanded money for some perceived crime.

I know many will not ask these so-called protectors very simple questions, not that it matters since they can not answer them at any rate. What is a crime? What is a law? What is statute? LEOs are not trained in the most basic arts of law.

So they can not tell you that a crime is when one party's rights are violated and damages have occurred due to that rights violation. They can't tell you that a law is a truth that has been upheld for so long that it has the effect of being binding to all. They can't tell you that a Statute is a rule that has the effect of law upon a society.

When asked the simple question, 'have I committed a crime' when pulled over for speeding they can not tell you properly why it is or even why it isn't a crime, but will write a ticket just the same. When you ask them is this a commercial instrument, they will look at you as a deer stares into the head lights of an on coming car.

When was the last time you asked someone for protection and they were the perpetrators of the crime against you? If you have ever been stopped by a LEO, you have been a victim of a crime. Of course you can't bring suit against these people for committing a crime against you, because they are an instrument of the State, just as the judge claims to be impartial and unbiased at the same time receiving a paycheck from the same entity that is prosecuting you for your 'crime'.

Who do LEO's protect? The United States Supreme Court has ruled that they have no duty, no obligation, no responsibility to protect you the individual citizen. If they don't protect you, then what is their job? What is their function? Obviously, you can find the answer to this when you go to the court room and try to ask questions, rather then just simply follow the judges orders. The will use force against you in whatever manner that the judge orders them to do. Ask them, who do they serve? The judge of course. So in the end a LEO protects the State. From whom? Well you and I of course!

Those who are 'government' know that they are out numbered 50 to 1, that's why they work so hard to keep you under control, to not rock the boat too much, so you don't raise an objection. This so-called republic wasn't even finished being created before the right to alter or reform the 'government' was made into a crime. Rebellion is a crime, after all.

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