01 December 2010


For more information on Panarchy, please see the Panarchy Website. I recommend as a primer the article from Paul Emile De Puydt.

There comes a time in everyone's life that a new idea is interjected into one's life that changes it dramatically. I had one of these occur to me today.

Today while cruising the world wide web I found the idea called 'Panarchy'. The idea summerized, briefly, is a government for everyone by their own choosing. I can not live under the current government that I am forced to live under. There being no better form of 'cancer' to move to. The idea is that instead of tearing down existing governments, against the will of others, in order to create the world in our own images. We instead create our own governments that can exist side by side between each other. This is currently done at many different levels today. Municipalities coexist with each other, counties coexist with each other, States coexist with each other, Federal governments coexist with each other.

Most governments have more in common then they have different. Most of the governments that one might create for one's self would have common themes. In the land mass called the United States, you'd see governments that support the rights of life, liberty, and property. That believe that violating these rights is criminal, and those who violate these rights are punished. So we aren't talking about governments that would be dramatically different from each other.

There might be pockets of smaller governments that have at its core ideas that are dramatically different, however they would be subject to the same forces that all governments are, that being the force of economics. If the people of the Socialists Regime are unable to fund the government they like, then they would be for ever be insignificant and powerless against larger ones.

This sounds impossible to start, you say? Is it really? Don't we already have in place certain governmental functions that could see to such a system? Do you register to vote? Your 'voter registration card' could be your new ID card.

When a Enforcer of Laws contacts you, you show them your 'Political Membership Card' and he could instantly call up your political branch of Enforcer of Laws, and run your ID as he does today. Based on that he could issue his ticket or whatever to you and you'd take it to your local Enforcer of Laws to be processed in whatever way they handle such affairs.

I say to anyone that is a naysayer to such an idea is to view the idea in a similar context. Imagine for example the four existing political parties being governments on to themselves. I for one don't believe there to be much difference between the Democrats and Republicans, however imagine both parties getting everything they ever wanted, within reason, but doing so as to make both political followers happy, instead of constantly fighting against each others ideology. Then you have the Libertarian party who's founding had the same goals as the roots of the big two parties founding. however in the current light appear to be nothing more then 'Republican Lite'. The fourth party is the all the other smaller parties, the non-parties, and so called 'independents' who we could all agree currently have no voice, but should be allowed to.

So, reader, how do we get from here to there? Perhaps the biggest and best way is to remove the rules that stifle the creation of  parties. The big two parties have long since created roadblocks to stop the formation of new parties, to make people think there can only be two parties anymore, and a litany of other complaints, as well. Create rules that abolish the rules that de facto allow only two parties. As David toppled Goliath, if every smaller party made it a priority to get these rules removed, then we could see them removed.

Once this roadblock is removed then we have set the stage for the formation of political independence. It starts at the local level, as all things should. We could see a reformation of local governments that would create rules not to bound people, but to bind the governments. It would be up to the local political parties to create an environment that is conducive to everyone getting what they want via their own political power. Once local freedom has been created, then we can see similar changes to the regional power within a state via the same process of freeing people from one single government to multiple parties. From there it would be very simple to change the State government as well, and move on from there to a Federal level, however I think that thinking beyond the local level at this moment is premature. Like all experiments, we should try them at a local level first.

Step out of yourself for a moment and view your existing idea of government from this point of view. Instead of your local 'representatives' constantly infighting about which way to go, they would be able to go both ways utilizing their own parties funds as they see fit. Rather then your local 'representatives' representing you, they'd be representing the party. We'd see the reformation of local governments to a 'united nations' kind of concept, except here we would hope to see more freedom then we see tyranny, it is hoped. The number of seats on our councils would change from being territorial to one of political power, so that each party has equal representation, in a one party, one vote, kind of system.

It isn't a perfect idea, we don't have perfect human beings, and the world isn't perfect, but none the less shouldn't we try to obtain perfection for all, rather then the current system of one size fits all?

For more information on Panarchy, please see the Panarchy Website. I recommend as a primer the article from Paul Emile De Puydt.

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