10 February 2014

Why do we need a standing congress?

    I was reading an article today that sparked a internal discussion within me and I thought I might share that. The question was 'Why do we need a standing Congress?'
   So, currently, we have a standing Congress in the United States. Going back to the beginning of things, the founding fathers made a rule, Congress must meet once a year to address the nation's needs. In their minds, at the time, it was thought that without such a rule that this group of 'representatives' wouldn't come together unless there was some pending need to do so. Ironically, the founding fathers thought we shouldn't have a standing military, but we should have a standing congress. An army of trained killers is just as bad I think as an army of rights violators.
   Congress has strayed so far from the imaginings of the founding fathers to become that which the founders they themselves fought so hard against. According to the founders, the purpose of government is to protect the life, liberty, and property of all the people. Today, however, congress feels the need the interfere with almost every aspect of our lives.
   Like a parent, Congress feels the need tell you where you can shop, what you can buy, where you can live, how you raise your kids, and everything else. But let's stop for a moment and recognize that 'Congress' is just a concept, it isn't a human being like your inappropriate Uncle Joe, it is just a collection of human beings. If they have a right to tell you what you can and can't do then you are their slave.
    Slavery is easily defined as 'one who has to bend their will to another', that of course fits what the individual people calling themselves Congress do every day isn't, they create their will and force you to bend to it or face having your property, liberty, or life taken from you.When they say to you, 'you can't use that kind of gun to protect your family because criminals use that kind of gun to hurt your family', what they are really saying is that you are a slave, and slaves can only do what we tell them they can do. Ironically, it's the criminals in that situation, that don't follow the individuals who call themselves Congress will anyway because they are criminals and will still use those guns to harm your family anyhow and you can't protect your family anyway. They paint "victim" on your forehead for all the criminals to see.
    I wonder if you, like myself, have ever examined the relationship between your and the individuals who call themselves Congress? So you have two individuals, A and B, who ask you to give them your endorsement. You can't give both of them it, so you have to choose one. You choose A, they are more inline with your personal beliefs then B is. So finally it comes time to count the votes and B wins the election and now B is your "representative". I find the idea of calling someone whom you didn't choose can't honestly be your "representative". To me it's like saying I want this real estate agent to represent my interests and someone comes up and gives me a different real estate agent.
    The difference between the individual "representing" your interests in Congress and the individual representing your interests in real estate, is you can fire them if they don't do a good job. But you think, you can recall an individual in Congress. Have you ever seen what it takes to recall an individual calling themselves Congress? You have to get a number of people in every single political subdivision of the "State" you live in sign a petition to recall that individual. It doesn't stop there, however, once you get that, then their is an official vote where everyone else decides if that person should be "recalled" and the number of people who are required to vote "yes" is some where in the fifty to sixty percent range. So, if you believe the individual claiming to represent you in Congress is doing something wrong and should be recalled, your view can be overridden by a simple majority of other individuals who are probably not paying attention to the facts anyhow.

    How is it that this individual claiming to represent you could in fact even represent you. Imagine you and your neighbor George have opposing opinions on one single idea but in all other ideas you agree. You and George force individual B, who claims to represent you in that collection of human bodies calling themselves Congress, to choose which side of that idea to represent. If he chooses George's side, then he isn't representing you is he? If he chooses your side of the idea, then he isn't representing George.
    Of course this would put any average individual who wants to represent people in to a quandary. Of course, the simple answer would be to just ignore you and George and represent they own side of the idea. This is what most of these individuals who claim to represent you who call themselves Congress do anyhow. You don't need to have to be a rocket scientist to see the facts staring you in your face to realize it. Take the issue called "Obama care", according to the media, most people opposed it. Most people told the individuals claiming to represent them and calling themselves Congress, to not vote for it. What did they do? They almost all voted in favor of it.
    Back to the question of "why" we need a standing Congress. The founding father's created the concept of Congress to protect life, liberty, and property, and as high on a pedestal as we put them, they were human beings capable of making mistakes. The idea of Congress can now be seen as a mistake since this collection of men and women have been found to be as much of a threat to the concepts of life, liberty, and property as any other potential threat. When you tell someone they are a Hammerer and you give them a hammer, after they run out of nails to hammer, they might start thinking that everything else is a nail.
    I personally am not a follower of the "Cult of Government", but if you are, and you value your life, liberty, and property, it would seem that the individuals in Congress are acting like the bullies. It may be a good idea to limit the amount of damage they can do by limiting the amount of time they have to do that damage or even better, only be called up when a big enough issue faces you and you need them to lead.

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