28 May 2015


It is said a house without a good foundation can not stand. It is with this thought I being this new journey of self-explanation. The foundation of my beliefs is simple in it's explanation, however it's consequences can be profound.

There are two foundational beliefs that I hold.

My first belief is that the Universe created, or caused to be created, me (one could say "God" created me. I'd say if "God" created me, it was through the Universe that he created me. To me, it's the same concept) the human being. Following the non-self-evident Law of Property states that "he who creates, controls" the only person authorized to take my life is the Universe or lacking any opinion from it, myself. It is because I was created and designed with the ability of self-control, that absent of the Universe telling me what to do, that I tell myself what to do.

Now, as the Universe created me and granted me such an ability as self-control, it also created a set of Laws for me to follow. Some of these Laws are self-evident, such as the Law of Gravity, the Law of Hydrodynamics, and the countless other Laws that are self-evident. Also some Laws are unclear, these Laws require me to engage some of those other abilities the Universe has given me, such as logic and reason. It is through these abilities, that I can form new understandings of the unclear Laws that the Universe has created.

So, I apply logic and reason to my life. I must eat to survive. I must maintain my body temperature through shelter, clothing, or something else. It is through the exercise of the Liberty that the Universe has granted me that I perform actions with the goal of maintaining the life that the Universe has granted me. Through the life, liberty, logic, and reason granted to me by the Universe I turn that which the Universe has created in raw form and through action (labor if you will) into property that I use to maintain my life.

Since I believe I was created or caused to be created by the Universe, it stands to reason that no one, absent of the Universe explicitly informing me, has the authority to tell me what I can or can't do with my life, liberty, or property. Logic and/or reason tells me that if this is so, then so it should also be true that I have no authority over another's life, liberty, or property as well. It also says to me that if this isn't true, that if I do have authority over someone else's life, liberty, and property, they too must have the same authority over my life, liberty, or property. It can't be the latter, because they did not create me or cause me to be created, nor did I create them nor cause them to be created. Therefore logic and reason say, "I am I" and "you are you" and each of us is owner of just ourselves.

This brings up the second of my beliefs. I believe that it is objectively moral to say that "you should do unto others, as you would have them do to you." By "objectively moral" that it is a universal principle that applies to all non-mentally-deficient human beings at all times, in all places, and in all situations. To that "golden rule" I add the "silver rule" which states, "don't threaten force or initiate force." This too is also a "objective moral".

To summarize, everything I believe is guided by two principles, firstly, that no one holds a higher authority over my life, liberty, or property than I do, unless they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they created me, or caused me to be created. Second, "do to others that I would want done to me" along with "don't threaten force or initiate force". Every question can be answered by filtering it through these two principles with, barring faulty logic and reasoning or faulty premise, with 100 percent accuracy.

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